For the Society

Lets make world beautiful.

We will be volunteer our services in order to help beautify our society. We want to give back and use our knowledge and resources to make a positive impact on the world around us.
  • Adopting NGO: We Volunteer our Resources, Products & Services to Charitable Institutions
  • Serve Government: Our Expert team inclined to provide solutions on Trending Problems, Government Policies & Social Issues at Regional Level.
  • Philanthropic Work: We are committed towards Environmental Sustainability, Tree Plantation, Preservation of Arts & Heritage Activities.

for Construction fraternity

Strengthen Unity

  • Education Scholarships for underprivileged student.
  • Awareness of latest technologies & Skills development.
  • Crash courses / Training Session for Employment Generation.
  • Safety awareness, donation of safety equipment to prevent accidents.

for Youth (College Student)

Building The Future

  • Practical Session arranged for Student (Site Visits, Showroom Visits)
  • Guest Lectures by Industry expert.
  • Contest & Competitions for the Motivation of student.
  • Architectural travel to have an outsight of the world.

for Start up

Empowering Ideas

  • Mentoring for youth entrepreneurs.
  • Guidance for day-to-day practical difficulties.
  • Introduce startups within our metwork and help them to grow their connections.
  • Share helpful resources that can aid startups in different stages of their development.

For NPC Members

Grow Together

  • Post Query: Members can ask queries related to our profession/Industry.
  • Enhance your brand visibility in CLUBNPC Social Media Network.
  • Pan India Networking & Collaboration opportunity.
  • Exposure to Industry experts.
  • Fun Meets, Event, Exhibition, Family get together, Festive Meets.